Thursday, September 24, 2009

Carramore commision

In 2007 I was commissioned on behalf of the Office of Public Works to
create this model for the Carramore museum in Co. Sligo. The museum
is surrounded by ancient dolmens. The purpose of the model was to
try and express to visitors the human stories connected with these
stones. At these stones people buried their dead, they were important

Carramore commision

Unhappy Baby

Woman wearing burka with shopping

Baby in Cot

Asian Wedding Party

This work is three years olds. And looking back on it I see many flaws in it.

Hen Night girls in Dublin

Wedding cake toppers

Recently I got married. I made the cake toppers myself. To give you an idea
how long I spent on them, I can tell you that the brides dress alone took
four days to embroider.
As well as making tiny figures I also make small to miniature books.
Here's some examples of my work being modeled by a Heidi Ott doll.

The drawings for this mini book where done at a museum in Uppsala (Sweden),
where my mother is from. At the time I didn't know any thing about binding
books, I just drew them on this tiny scale because I felt like it.

This tiny fabric covered book is about my journey to India in 2007.


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